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Service & Repair of Commercial Refrigeration, HVAC & More in Red Deer

Our Unique Equipment Numbering System

Arctic Mechanical provides installation, maintenance and repair services for commercial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In order to keep detailed records of equipment repairs and maintenance plans, we assign each piece of equipment we sell or service a unique reference number. This not only allows our technicians quick and easy access to all the information about the equipment, but also is beneficial to you, our customer.

Our equipment numbering system allows you to have a detailed repair history on each piece of your equipment that we service, making it easier to keep track of cost history and any parts that have been replaced. It becomes an easy tool for budget forecasting and evaluation of your equipment. With the entire lifetime history of the equipment you can see how much money you have put into repairs and weigh that against the cost of replacing the unit if repairs become too costly. Ordering times for parts are made quicker with all of the information, like make, model, and serial number, ready at hand.

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