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kitchen equipment maintenance

Red Deer Commercial Kitchen Appliances

From convection ovens and grills to coffee machines and fry dispensers, Arctic Mechanical has what it takes to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly. We offer a wide range of quality kitchen appliances, such as:

  • Convection and combination ovens

  • Ranges

  • Grills, including roller grills

  • Deep Fryers

  • Toaster

  • Heated cabinets

  • Microwaves

  • Soup wells

  • Char broilers

  • Induction cookers

  • Proofer

  • Rotisseries

  • Mixer

  • Steamers and steam tables

  • Salamander

  • Meat slicer

  • Coffee machines

  • Hot beverage machines

  • Specialty beverage units

  • Sugar and cream dispensers

  • Fry dispensers

Make Fresh Food in Fresh Air

With air quality monitoring and management, Arctic Mechanical can make your commercial kitchen feel fresh all the time. We don’t install the make up air system for your commercial kitchen, but we can maintain and repair it for you. We can provide this service for make up air systems that come from brands such as Engineered Air, Industrial Commercial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd., and Systemair. We also provide this service for commercial and garage make up air systems from the same brands.

Your make up air system is generally interlocked with an exhaust system. That system keeps exhaust gases from clouding your commercial kitchen. Arctic Mechanical can keep this exhaust system running for you. We provide maintenance and repair services only on exhaust systems from Loren Cook Company, Greenheck, VentMaster, Fumex®, PennBarry, Delhi, Broan, Centri Master, and CaptiveAire.

Get Cooking

For all of your commercial kitchen needs in Red Deer, come to Arctic Mechanical. Call our team of expert product consultants or visit our shop for suggestions or to special order your commercial appliances. We provide affordable service and 24/7/365 Red Deer and communities throughout Central Alberta.

Our Equipment Numbering System Makes Recordkeeping Easier

At Arctic Mechanical, we use an equipment numbering systems to help our technicians as well as our customers keep track of the repairs completed on each piece of equipment. Each piece we work on is assigned a unique reference number and all information regarding repairs and service are logged under this unique number, making records and important equipment information easily accessible. This passes on great benefits to you, our customer, including:

  • Access to a detailed repair history on each piece of equipment

  • The ability to track repair and service costs, as well as any parts that have been replaced

  • Quick, at hand information helps prevent any double invoices or warranty calls

  • Allows for easy budget forecasting and evaluation of each piece of equipment

  • Access to the total lifetime repair cost of equipment to easily compare against cost of purchasing a new unit

  • Faster ordering times for parts with all important information (make, model, serial number) logged in the same place

  • Easier recordkeeping as each invoice has the reference number on it, making it easier for our customers to keep track of where money was spent

  • Technicians are more informed about each piece of equipment and arrive to service calls with knowledge of previous repairs that were done

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